Vers une pragmatique théorique basée sur la ludique et les continuations

Games, dialogues and interaction

Paris, september 28/29/30 2009

  • Presentation

    BACKGROUND This workshop is to be held in the frame of the PRELUDE project (funded by the French ANR – Agence Nationale pour la Recherche), which is a joint project of four research teams : laboratoire “Structures Formelles de la Langue” (Paris (...)

  • Commitees

    LOCAL ORGANIZERS Alain Lecomte, Laurent Roussarie, Maya Hickman (Paris VIII) PROGRAM COMMITTEE Michele Abrusci Nicolas Asher Claire Beyssade Francis Corblin Philippe DeGroote Laurent Keiff Ruth Kempson Jean-Baptiste Joinet Pierre (...)

  • Invited Speakers

    Jean-Yves Girard (CNRS, Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy) Ruth Kempson (King’s College, London) Sandra Laugier (Department of Philosophy, Université de Picardie) Mathieu Marion (Department of Philosophy, Université du Québec à Montréal) Dale (...)

  • Call for papers

    Submission Details We invite submissions of extended abstracts of maximally 8 pages (A4 or letter, 12pt single spaced). The material must be original and previously unpublished. Parallel submissions to other conferences is possible but must be (...)

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